Spring cleaning.

After much removal and filing and destroying, it turns out there is a huge surface to work on top of my plan chest. 

Here's a little selection of my much loved tools.  Third from the top is one of my old time favourite pencils. It is at least 20 years old, and you can no longer buy something this well made anywhere. Some were made in countries that no longer exist, but they still work! Ah the beauty of a well crafted useful object! Bottom ones are a more recent discovery, artist quality wax crayons. Grainy, flowy, really vibrant, a delight over acrylic.

Yeti and Eye- for loAf

Here are the two characters I have been developing for my comic "Yeti and Eye"
Yeti is actually having two forms. I'm excited about the shape this is taking, even though these two have not started plotting any threads yet.
It will come, well, it must because deadline is looming....

World Book Day 2013 St Matthew's School

I had a most excellent reading and drawing session with the children of year 4 in St Mathews in Cambridge on March 7th. I read from my new book project Mr Dodd'd Odd Day and talked a little bit about the book making process and I was so delighted to hear the children't comments and suggestions on how to make the book better. Their input and their reactions to the book were amazing, and as it is work in progress it was great to see what their response to it was.

After reading they began to work on enormous pieces of paper in small groups to create their own cities, inspired by Mr Dodd's urban setting.

And here are their amazing cities:

Auction for Bologna Stand

Last wednesday we had the great auction of originals and prints to collect funds for our group stand at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. More than K£1 was raised thanks to the great initiative of my friend Mel, who organised the event, and the determination and care of Pam, who as always made sure it was a smoothly run operation, and a small but very efficient group of helpers.

There were over 140 donated pieces and they were ALL snapped up. We came home with some beautiful new artwork by Becky, Jin and Emma.

Vic took home my toothy donation, Thank you everyone!

MA Children's Book Illustration/Degree Show at Foyles

 Early in the morning panels left the van and somehow made it up to the 3rd floor.

Then white paint was applied to old smudges in walls and plinths.

Work was set on the floor.

Pam and Martin curated the show by allocating spaces so our work complemented eachother. 
The show would look amazing!

Then we all helped each other to put our work up so it looked its best.

Set up took most of the day on friday. 
Great camaraderie sweetened the task for our group.

 But by early evening it was done.
All we needed now was visitors and their feedback.

This is what my bit of wall looked like.
 I was so lucky to be between Steve and Jin.

Emily's cake was a hit during and after our private view.

Lots of families of my colleagues were there on the last saturday and it was a pleasure to meet them. 

As we pulled it down we were all slightly, well, gutted. 
We do not want this to end. Next stop:  Cambridge.

Thanks for the photos Steve and Daisy!

Degree Show!!!

If you find yourself in London between 4th and 9th of February, please come to Foyles bookshop and visit our show!

Happy new year!

Yes, we are half way down the first month of this very exciting year. I've been working quite hard on my masters degree project, degree show (invite will follow) and upcoming book... and further in the horizon Bologna. 

 Happy New(ish) year to all!