Bologna 2012!

Wednesday after our party. Our faces tell only part of an incredible adventure. 
The work of months rewarded us so handsomely. It was great fun to travel and explore with my friends from the Ma Children's Book Illustration, and to make new friendships and acquaintances in the wider publishing world as well. 
I can't wait to hear and share all of our stories of these exceptional four days.

Tuesday afternoon and the stand is just as busy as from the start of the fair.

Tuesday morning before opening time. Dummies were displayed in the front and interviews with publishers and agents took place in the back room. Thank you to all who visited us!

Martin Salisbury, Pam Smy and John Lawrence on sunday afternoon hanging the panels. 
Sunday morning and generic stand (25)B69 is about to be transformed by Caroline Tye's amazing design. 

Drunkeys, barracudas and other creatures.

Cut.- The Sequential Image

For the second module of the masters we were to develop images that formed a sequence.  I decided this was my opportunity to do an animation. It was quite a challenge as I never imagined the amount of work it takes to do something for a few seconds. The multilayered problem was very stimulating. The outcome is not to my satisfaction and still needs many hours to make it coherent, so I might return to it at some point.

 As I was doing this I was getting a bit anxious that I had nothing physical to show for, so I took the same narrative and turned it into a mono printed book. Overall this was a really exciting project which allowed me to play a lot to discover shapes and relationships between spaces and times.


Illustrarte Entry 2011

To Greener Pastures- my entry for Searle Award

Whether the reason for migrating is survival, the search for economic opportunities or desire for change, migration is an enriching experience, both for migrants and for the societies they bridge.
Despite the hardships, the painful separations and the risks involved there is the underlying belief that there is a place where life can be better.
I wanted to express that hope which drives a small minority of people to migrate, through animal characterisation and the use of symbols.  Our successful migrant finds herself surrounded by opportunities missing from her homeland.  Her risk taking and open-mindedness reward her.   Others may not have been so lucky in this endeavour. 
Profiting from opportunity she feeds from the new abundant source, she produces plenty of milk, from which the locals drink and which moistens the earth producing a flower which does not grow anywhere else, to represent the unforeseen positive outcomes that come to those societies open to migrants.
She has not forgotten her origin, and looks to the herd, where she is greeted with mixed emotions. Through the experience of migrants, new opportunities arise in their homeland, which is what I wanted to say by giving the calf wings. 


This was during Sequential Image Module. Now on the second year we have a more rounded table approach to group presentations. Back in the old room it did have more of a sitting duck feel to it.

Searle Award 2012

And the judges verdict was:

Sometimes there is no method, only Madness

Tidying up my ideas for the new book. It's based on the experience of migration and it will be a double book (one next to each other sharing covers but separated down the middle). 
If making a coherent sequence on a single book wasn't hard enough, this one is really pushing my brain in all ways. 

COLOUR! The right and wrong order

I've had these for ages. And as anything that involves more than three colours I obsessively have to tidy them into "the correct" sequence when I'm putting them away.  This is still unsatisfactory.