Bologna 2012!

Wednesday after our party. Our faces tell only part of an incredible adventure. 
The work of months rewarded us so handsomely. It was great fun to travel and explore with my friends from the Ma Children's Book Illustration, and to make new friendships and acquaintances in the wider publishing world as well. 
I can't wait to hear and share all of our stories of these exceptional four days.

Tuesday afternoon and the stand is just as busy as from the start of the fair.

Tuesday morning before opening time. Dummies were displayed in the front and interviews with publishers and agents took place in the back room. Thank you to all who visited us!

Martin Salisbury, Pam Smy and John Lawrence on sunday afternoon hanging the panels. 
Sunday morning and generic stand (25)B69 is about to be transformed by Caroline Tye's amazing design. 

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