To Greener Pastures- my entry for Searle Award

Whether the reason for migrating is survival, the search for economic opportunities or desire for change, migration is an enriching experience, both for migrants and for the societies they bridge.
Despite the hardships, the painful separations and the risks involved there is the underlying belief that there is a place where life can be better.
I wanted to express that hope which drives a small minority of people to migrate, through animal characterisation and the use of symbols.  Our successful migrant finds herself surrounded by opportunities missing from her homeland.  Her risk taking and open-mindedness reward her.   Others may not have been so lucky in this endeavour. 
Profiting from opportunity she feeds from the new abundant source, she produces plenty of milk, from which the locals drink and which moistens the earth producing a flower which does not grow anywhere else, to represent the unforeseen positive outcomes that come to those societies open to migrants.
She has not forgotten her origin, and looks to the herd, where she is greeted with mixed emotions. Through the experience of migrants, new opportunities arise in their homeland, which is what I wanted to say by giving the calf wings. 

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