Growth: Allotments 1

A selection of some of the first drawings of the module. Most recent pictures first:

I tried to follow the suggestion of a broader tip for the format and to get more context.  At early afternoon the sun was casting this amazing shade under the apple and pear orchard, and while trying to get the perspective I got a bit lost and ended up disregarding the initial idea. Major dressing down by Pam, about the failure to convey the "feeling of the place". She was right of course, but my eyesight was on the orange range.
Jane managed to see some good points on this one and suggested trying a water brush wash, as the blue marker had been too loud for the purpose intended.

Managed a "believable" figure, hooray!

Experimenting with Tippex(white on black).

I liked this one. Pam called it "sterile". 

Experimenting with different colour of pen.

Experimenting with fatter marker. Figure making very challenging at this point, literally.

Early "Killer".
Use of pencil posing a time issue for this format(A3).

At the beginning of the project I knew that my figure drawing was a weakness. So from this one which was a self indulgence in my joy for perspective, I tried to look more at people in the allotments. 

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