Growth: Allotments 2: a step up

Night Vision, inspired by Sarah's. Quite a challenge to draw without seeing the end of your tools.

Failing to capture a previous bonfire, I was delighted to find this one as I stepped into my drawing day.
Wall of smoke eating up the middle ground in acrylic ink.

October 31st, in the middle of the bushes with the perfect angle for this, in the semi-dark, and I still managed to get interrupted.

Two further attempts at the same technical approach, but both times failed to get on with the dip pen, with a less successful outcome on the top one with that universal treatment: saying too much, not really saying anything.
Reminder to focus.


Breakthrough at the left.  After the previous picture it started raining and I took refuge on a greenhouse. The previous picture had been very intense and I was a bit fed up with obeying what I saw, so I just scribbled the shapes of this background with the water brush wash, and worked forwards with dip pens.
Time devouring exercise with great feedback.

I felt so incompetent after my last review, that I had to put all that anger to good use.
Pam said she wished she'd drawn this one, well, she certainly drew it out of me.

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