Observation and Experimentation: Long, Medium, Short, None

     On the first week we introduced ourselves to each other with a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation.  We were all crapping ourselves with nerves. Probably none of us slept very well the night before, putting together our snapshots of work and life, condensing out past into 10 images.   I was on the afternoon batch and sat through a lot of presentations of people who clearly deserved to be there far more than myself.  I feel privileged to be amongst such a talented, diverse and friendly group, for which I have high hopes.

     The second challenge of the MA after surviving this ordeal, was to choose a subject of study for the module. Even given some examples of last year's themes, I was very anxious, because I did not have a subject.  Generally in my work this is the core, and it comes naturally. After a long period of leave due to both maternity and bereavement, I was completely empty, and was beginning to get into a panic, about what to pursue.  I ended up going for what was practical, what I had access to, rather than "a subject close to my heart".  And since there had to be a strong element of humanity in it, I chose to study the Girton Allotments, which are located next door to my garden, and Hair Dressing.  My logic was that the weather would turn and I would not want my entire project to be based outdoors; and that a hair salon would always have people in it, at close range. Alexis asked me to find the common theme between these very different environments, so through the next week it took form as "Growth Management".

     The third challenge (for me) was to write the project brief on an A4. Condensing down the ideas into a coherent form took several goes.  At the end of this module we must write a review of the outcome and a 1500word essay based on some given questions.  This is going to require some major dusting off of brain crevices.

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